The Furnace

der ofen

In glassmakers slang, our glass-melting furnace is known as a tank furnace. In spite of coming with a high price tag (something like 3 million Swiss franks), the service life or «furnace campaign», as it is called, only extends to between 5 and 7 years. After the furnace has burnt itself out, it will be completely rebuilt from scratch by professional furnace builders, an operation lasting around 2 months.

Technical specifications of the present Glasi furnace

Year of construction 2012
Start of furnace campaign 7. February 2012
Term of furnace campaign 7 years without interruption, 24 hours round the clock
Furnace building company Ofenbaufirma Glashüttentechnik Grob [Grob Glass Works Techno-
logy and Glass Furnace Builders], D-Gmünden-Main, GERMANY
Furnace stones Top-quality, heat resistant stones cast to special measurements
Origin of the stones USA, Italy and Germany
Guarantee None
Costs 3 million Swiss francs
Capacity 4 tons of glass per day, six extraction points
Furnace temperature 1500 degrees
Energy source Butane gas and electricity
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