Roberto Niederer (1928-1988)

 roberto niederer

Born as a national abroad in Naples, Italy; lived in Zurich, Hergiswil (Nidwalden) and Sellia Marina (Calabria); died in Catanzaro (Calabria), Italy.
He described himself as an eternal emigrant and a self-taught glass freak. Even at the age of 60, after 45 years of working with glass, he still felt he was just at the beginning. As shaping spirit, designer and artistic director of Glasi Hergiswil, Roberto Niederer left his unmistakable imprint on the style of the place. He was a master of many expressive forms of glass design, and he was also expert in realising other people’s design ideas in glass - translating them into the glass language. Roberto Niederer was responsible for creating his own design collection. The clear line of these glass articles aSwiss nd objects has great appeal. The collection continues to be manufactured and marketed by Glasi Hergiswil.
Roberto Niederer lived for glass and for the Glasi. ‘Making glass for human beings – as human beings and craftsmen’ was his motto.
Roberto Niederer – «Ein Leben für das Glas»

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