Blow your own Glass

Blow your own glass ball and take it home with you
On the spectators’ stand you can blow your own glass ball, with the help of a glassmaker. Price: Fr. 20.–. After 15 minutes’ cooling, the glass ball is ready for you to take home as a souvenir.
For another Fr. 5.–, we can capture the moment of your glassblowing on a framed souvenir photo for you to take home and on a YouTube video (remember date and time!).

Your You Tube film of the glass ball
glasi youtoube

Our glassmakers are available for you
Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 13.00 pm, 13.30 to 17.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am to 13.00 pm, 13.30 to 16.00 pm