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Six glass fairy tales and a sad true story – znirP and nisseznirP

The prince, the princess, the frog king, the glass ball, Hans in Luck, the genie in the bottle, the Bremen Town Musicians, the Seven Dwarves, Snow White’s glass coffin, Cinderella’s glass slippers – all these elements are somehow combined in this story. A proper fairy tale – but with a difference. It is a fairy tale about the traditional stories, bringing things together in a way never seen before. Key scenes that are actually quite familiar from six classic stories (and one real-life tragedy) are uniquely woven together. The presentation lasts about 15 minutes. 

Phenomenal Glass

Discover and experience glass – an exciting experimental trip which takes you through the glass world. We have set up more than 70 experiments for you to tinker with. You can play musical glass instruments, marvel at interesting optical effects, find out about our ultra-modern glass applications, or play traditional and nostalgic games with glass marbles in the Glasi Park. Children will be enchanted by the water fountains on the lake, the giant quartz sand pit, and the 7-metre-high marble run tower with slide.

The «vom Feuer geformt» («Formed by Fire») Museum

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The Formed by Fire museum tells the story of glass and of Glasi Hergiswil in particular. With an accompaniment of light and sound you will be guided through a labyrinth of backdrops. Rooms with different presentations detail the development of the craft at Glasi Hergiswil, and the economic ups and downs of the family. The museum presents a story of the struggle between small and great, of managers and workers. Vivid spaces depict the mighty crisis after the Second World War, when Roberto Niederer saved the Glasi works. The museum is a walk-in film, a rustic theatre, a cabinet of illusions, and foremost a time machine. Let yourself be captivated by the richly varied presentations. The museum was chosen by the European Council in 1996 as «one of the most beautiful museums in Europe».

Museum Admission

Adults + Children aged 10 or over CHF 7.–
Children under 10 free if accompanied by an adult
School classes of any age incl. accompanying adults CHF 5.–
Pre-registered groups of 10 or more people CHF 5.–

Reimbursement on Purchases

The price of admisson is reimbursed on the same day upon a purchase in the first or second choice shop. Per purchase of CHF 70 or more: reimbursement of the CHF 7.– admission ticket.
Per purchase of CHF 50.– or more: reimbursement of the CHF 5.– admission ticket
(can be combined)

verband museen

Glasi Glass Archive

glasiglas archiv

Glass objects created at the Glasi, from the 19th century to the present day

The Glasi Glass Archive preserves specimens of many glass articles produced at Glasi Hergiswil in the past. So you can discover design objects from the fifties, or puzzle over the function and the use of interesting glass artefacts. The collection grows as the most recent glass products are addet. As we see it, this is the glass design memory of Glasi Hergiswil.

Glass Jewels

fluehli glas

Flühli Glass from the 18th and 19th century
The exhibition takes the visitors back to the origins of Glasi Hergiswil in the forests of the Entlebuch region.
Here, during the 18th and 19th century, our ancestors lived a life of hard work and manufactured the so called Flühli glass articles.
The exhibition shows the largest collection in the world of these precious historic glass objects.
A video film is also available. Just press the red button, sit back on the twig faggots and relax while you follow the exciting history of the Flühli Glass.
The entry to the exhibition is located on the spectators’ stand, where the glass-blowers can be observed at their work.
Admission free

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